Stop struggling to love your body. Start feeling the bliss of being alive!

Women’s bodies, minds and spirits are judged from the moment we’re born. We’re critiqued by others, airbrushed by the media, and brutally judged by our own inner critics. Most of us have experienced harrassment. Many of us have been molested. The result? A world of women who don’t know how to have loving, compassionate relationships with our bodies. This must stop!

Your Dear Body is amazing. Your Dear Body is a gift. Your Dear Body is filled with wisdom.

It’s time to learn how to believe those statements with every cell in your body, with every thought in your head.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten that you are like a magnificent oak tree. You are. Let me explain. Oak trees have something called Heartwood. It’s the wood at the center of the tree and this core is so strong that even when the Oak is stressed or ill or even dying — barring an act of God — the tree will not fall.

The oak has this nearly unbreakable core of strength. You do, too.

Maybe you’ve forgotten that and you’re feeling stressed out, burned out, ashamed, or scared. Maybe you’ve never been tested before in the way you are being tested now. Maybe you’re thinking that all you want to do is feel better. Or you want to be kinder to yourself. Or you want to love your body. Or you want to create a life that feels amazing.

You can. And I can help.

The Dear Body Boot Camp is a new kind of boot camp that’s focused on building a kind, compassionate relationship with your body, your spirit and your life. This approach helps to active your body’s self-healing so that true transformation is possible.

“I can’t contain my enthusiasm for sharing your work! It has the power to transform lives and finally change our negative thinking forever. WOW.” –Workshop participant

The Dear Body Boot Camp is a hybrid experience that gives you a mix of small-group coaching, inspired movement, creative expression, guided meditation, and targeted education. In my workshops, books, tv show, and private coaching and healing sessions, I’ve shared research-based and heart-proven techniques that have led thousands of people to greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

“Your work has left a huge impact on me and I intend to share and teach the power of what I learned about body love and acceptance with everyone I can.” –Workshop participant

Dear Body Boot Camp is a place for you if you:

  • Want to feel better about yourself or your body

  • Are sick of feeling burned out and stressed out

  • Are struggling with how your body has changed

  • Are facing a challenge or an uncomfortable transition

  • Want to create sustainable health and well-being

I started Dear Body Boot Camp because I’ve been there. I’ve been on my knees on the floor praying in desperation more than once. I’ve struggled with self-loathing and substances and obesity. I’ve dealt with pain and heartbreak and uncertainty.

See, I grew up morbidly obese and I was bullied. I was bullied about my weight by my classmates and teased by my neighbors and family members.

And the stories they told me about how I was just a lazy, fat slob eventually infiltrated the stories I told myself about me. I began to believe that I wasn’t enough. That I wasn’t capable of achieving health. That I wasn’t worthy of love or the life I desired.

I listened to the bully in my head that told me I did not have any value.

Until one day, this small, quiet voice inside my heart rebelled against the critic in my head.



Stop treating me like that. Stop treating me like I am nothing. Like I’m not even human.

And that quiet voice that came from my own Heartwood began to show its strength. It showed me a path to transformation that was rooted not in self-loathing but in self-acceptance and eventually self-love.

You can create a healthier, happier life. But you don’t need to struggle to find help the same way I did.

After writing Dear Body, Love Me and co-creating and hosting Healing Words, my TV show with Mayo Clinic, so many people asked me to continue teaching and speaking on these topics that I knew I had to do something more. In Dear Body Boot Camp, I’ve assembled all the research-based tools, the empowering strategies, and the transformational community you need to build and access your own Heartwood.

You can do this. You can get through this. You can feel the bliss of being alive! 

And guess what? It can be fun, too! Join me for the Dear Body Boot Camp weekly LIVE sessions to play, move, create and meditate your way to sustainable health and well-being. I’m excited to be one of your allies on your quest to love your body and yourself!

“Thank you, Jacque, for your courage, conviction, and profound insight.”

What to Expect

In the Dear Body Boot Camp LIVE JAMS, you’ll learn research-based and heart-tested tools to build a more compassionate relationship with your body. You’ll discover how to activate your inner healer who can help you create sustainable health and well-being. Here are some the experiences you can expect:

  • Creative expression including writing, photography, visual arts (no experience necessary!)
  • Mindfulness exercises, walks and meditation
  • Self-healing practices from multiple modalities including Healing Touch
  • Movement inspired by yoga, Qigong and dance
  • Education featuring evidence-based strategies around topics such as the science of self-talk, habit change, emotional healing and much more
  • Small-group coaching

The Dear Body Boot Camp Launches Online in January 2018!! 

Want to new my official bio? 

Jacquelyn B. Fletcher created Dear Body Boot Camp because she knows firsthand how difficult it is to feel good about your body. After her struggles with morbid obesity as a child and young adult, and the 100-pound weight loss she achieved in her 20s and has kept off for nearly two decades—she dedicated her life to empowering people to become their own healers.

Jacquelyn is the founder of Heartwood Healing. She’s offered workshops and provided individual coaching to thousands of people through her work with Mayo Clinic, Weight Watchers International, Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa, University of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota, the Loft Literary Center and any more.

Jacquelyn is the author of 14 books including Dear Body, Love Me; Dear You: Messages From Your Heart, Dear You: It’s Time for a Leap of Faith, A Career Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Stepmom. Her work has received an iParenting Media Excellence Award, and was a Gold Recipient of a Mom’s Choice Award. She is co-creator of the Dear Body, Love Me: A Celebration of SHE live show, along with Margaret O’Loughlin.

She is the co-creator and host of the Healing Words television show and a founding faculty member of the Creative Writing at the Bedside program, both administered by the Lavins Center for Humanities in Medicine at Mayo Clinic. Her love of understanding human behavior won her a year-long fellowship from the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society to study with a team of therapists. She’s a Level 4 Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice and working toward certification in the Great Story Coaching Program.

She’s been interviewed from coast to coast on television, podcasts and radio shows. Her advice has been featured in publications and websites including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Experience Life magazine, The Huffington Post,, OmTimes Magazine, Macleans, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota Parent magazine, Newsday,, St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the Washington Post.

She graduated Cum Laude with degrees in English and Women’s Studies from Wellesley College and holds an M.F.A. in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College. Jacquelyn frequently volunteers in hospitals, assisted living facilities and with other healing organizations to offer Healing Touch or help people use creative expression as a healing tool. She’s the former Chair of the Board of Directors at the Loft Literary Center.

Not in the Twin Cities? Stay tuned for three-day intensives, week-long retreats, and digital experiences for those of you who don’t live nearby. On behalf of myself and my collaborators here at Heartwood, I want to say that we’re excited to become your allies on your quest to diss your body less and smile more.

With love,

P.S. Would you rather work with me one-on-one? You can.